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Why Can't I Get It Right?!

A Letter from Christina:

Dear Reader,

Somehow, I’ve got it in my mind today that I want to paint a perfect picture. Last week, I really messed up and I want to make up for that. I’ve put on my pretty, frilly art smock. I’ve squared up my paper. I’ve lined up my paintbrushes and I’m ready to go.

But now, things have gone wrong:

Why did the paint pot topple over?

How come Lion, Tiger and Leopard have finished their work so quickly?

I wish I could master this painting thing.

I am getting cross with myself.

I’m thinking bad thoughts.

I feel stifled . . . sapped of energy . . . Maybe I’ll just quit!

I’m ready to give up, but Chelsea is calling me to look at something, something I’ve missed. I’ll have to investigate this. I think a new plan is slowly starting to come together. I feel energized again. I’m excited by new possibilities – colours, glitter buttons, music. Wow! I think we will all have fun together now.

Be Colourful, too!


In Christina’s story, she learns that failure does not need to define her. She wants to make up for last week’s mistakes, so she will look good: but rather than responding helplessly and avoiding the challenge, she discovers that failure provides new information. She has lost sight of her original, confining goal. She is facing the mess. She has come to a new, happier place; an enjoyable and inventive place, full of investigation, innovation and creativity.


References: Sir Ken Robinson said, “We are in danger of educating our children to be good workers, rather than creative thinkers.” Cited 01/08/18.


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