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Sabotaged - Almost

Executive skills, communication and empathy were key factors as Charlotte and Chelsea prepared for Chelsea’s new game of role-playing in a medical setting. Lion and the other cubs were invited to choose a role - patient, paramedic or vet: but either no-one cooperated or everyone wanted the same thing. And Charlotte was distressed.

What really upset her?

The group could not be coerced to work cooperatively. Lion showed no empathy. She couldn’t even act politely. No-one seemed to appreciate the effort put in to collect all the supplies and make the sign: Safari Clinic. Chelsea’s ideas were not appreciated. Lack of co-operation, empathy and respect disrupted the role-play and “the whole game fizzled”.

All this weighed heavily on Charlotte as she took responsibility for making things right.

In her review, Michele Juratowitch says, “This engaging series of books provides a fantasy world in which children can safely examine real world issues.” When emotionally gifted children feel injustice so acutely in real life, they may need help to understand themselves, to set boundaries and to find ways to nourish their inner world. Charlotte’s story was written so emotionally gifted children could see themselves in a fantasy world and discuss a strategy that might work for them in the real world.

For Charlotte, imagining a new drama, where Lion is given a responsible role, helped her come to a happier place.


Imagine the story if all the characters cooperated with each other. Name an outcome that may follow:

  1. For Lion

  2. For Charlotte

  3. For Chelsea


Juratowitch, Michele (2017). See book review in van Donge, Gloria (2017). Catch On. Book 4 in The Gifted Kid Book Series.

Kerr, Dr Sherry. Cited 2018.

van Donge, Gloria (2017). Can You Believe It?! Book 5 in The Gifted Kid Book Series.

Answers to Riddle:

The answer to the riddle can be found in Book 5, but not in Book 1. It is not a glaring mistake and can be glossed over; but once spotted, it will be noticed each time Charlotte’s story is read. It is central to Charlotte’s character. Can you work it out with these new clues?


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