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Am I the Only One Who Feels Like This?

A Letter from Charlotte:

Dear Reader,

I may only be young, but sometimes I ask questions that are ‘too old’ for me. I plague my parents with ‘why’ questions. I want to know why the world is here, why do we die, why are there wars?

I have a big heart. I am very caring and sensitive. I help invent games with rules to ensure everyone plays fairly. It’s easy for me to empathise with my friends. I cry when I hear sad stories. I get mad when I know others are treated unfairly.

Sometimes I get really upset . . . like in my story. Chelsea invented this new game and we worked hard designing our bark sign, “Safari Clinic”, collecting our medical kit and finding crutches, splints and a stethoscope.

But no-one played fair.

It broke me up.

It took some time for me to come to a happier place.

It’s good to have a friend like Chelsea.

It’s good to do something I enjoy.

My imagination is also alive.

So be caring,


Charlotte is emotionally alive. Her soft heart helps her identify with others in their joys and sadness. She loves justice. She stands up for what is right. She wears a yellow ribbon as a symbol for turning the world the right way up.

One way to help lift “the weight of the world” from emotionally gifted children is to let them contribute to a cause where they can help other people or animals, and make a difference in the world.


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