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Touched by Beauty

The morning mist over the ocean was dispersing. The rocky ledge below was potted like the lunar surface. From our vantage point on the cliff, it seemed the whole world was enveloped in a silvery, denuded moonscape . . . slightly foreboding, but beautiful. I wanted to linger, but our destination was a long way down the road.

In our time-poor society, there is little incentive to stop and “smell the roses” as we rush from one activity to the next commitment. Nurturing emotionally gifted children may mean stopping when your child is intrigued by a feather dancing in the breeze. It may mean treasuring the moment when your child brings you a dandelion. It may mean following a silvery moonbeam across the ocean and dreaming of galaxies beyond.

“Emotionally gifted children are easily touched by beauty in the world.”

Amanda was on an excursion to the art gallery. Her brothers and sister hurried around this corner and the next, glimpsing the paintings on display. When they re-assembled, no-one really noticed that Amanda is still glued to the spot, captivated by one painting – a tiny teardrop ready to cascade over her cheekbone.

In her review of Charlotte’s story, Lyndelle Sherrin says, “Children encouraged to develop their emotional giftedness are a treasure, enriching the lives of us all.” Perhaps we have been touched - by the beauty of our world and by the inner beauty of an emotionally gifted child.


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