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Stumped! by a Deep Question

Off guard! Stumped already! I was stopped in my tracks by a little boy with a question! I panicked as my mind scrambled for an answer! Do I reply factually? Is it better to make up a story? What effect will my answer have?

The room had been buzzing all morning. About 30 children, aged 7-14 years, had discussed philosophy for 1 ½ hours, been on a treasure hunt and eaten lunch on their first morning of the Kids Conference 2017 at the Asian Mensa Annual Gathering on the Gold Coast. In preparation for introducing my characters and reading them one of my stories, I opened my book at the Family Tree showing Mother Cheetah with her five cubs. Sitting there, waiting for all the children to quieten, I was surprised by a tiny, thoughtful voice saying, “Where’s the Daddy? Did he die?”

Stumped! by a Deep Question

Much later, I checked with a friend who affirmed that gifted children prefer to hear honest answers based on actual facts. So, to explain that daddy cheetahs didn’t normally live with the mum and their offspring, added to this boy’s knowledge of the animal kingdom. And he settled down to listen to the story: his question answered satisfactorily; his mind cleared, ready for the next thing.

Under the heading, “Did You Know”, kids on the coast magazine says:

On average, a four-year-old will ask 400 questions in one day.

Emotionally gifted children ask questions too; but often they are at a deeper level, as they grapple with moral and ethical dilemmas. Their enhanced capacity to identify with others often takes their questions to a different plane.


Kids on the Coast. Sunshine Coast Issue 86, May/June 2018, p10.

van Donge, Gloria. (2017) Can You Believe It?! Book 5 in The Gifted Kid Book Series.

Answers to Chevron’s Junior X-Word:

1.count 2.album 3.snail 4.excel 6.twigs 7.shape 8.draws. The eight-letter word is talented.


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