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Nice One, Chevron!

A Letter from Chevron:

Dear Reader,

I’m just captivated by my world. I love to investigate. I look for tiny creatures that grow big when I peer at them through my binoculars. Something inside me drives me on to explore, to adapt, to contemplate. I am unstoppable in my quest to learn more and more. I digest knowledge; it churns happily away inside me like clothes in a washing machine. Then it comes out in new ideas, new designs, new solutions.

Of course, to find a solution assumes there is a problem: and I have a big one. My friends, Lion, Tiger and Leopard, aren’t interested in how lady beetle can “climb a slender blade of grass” or how things, like sticks, can be used for a new purpose. They don’t seem interested in thinking about thinking: but I love it. When I think new thoughts, when I encounter new phenomena, when I see new applications, then I am happy on the inside and can’t wait to share my discoveries with others. I feel exhilarated! I get that warm, fuzzy feeling that everything is OK with the world. And the cool thing is that in my story, I get to make something that even my friends enjoy.

Be Curious, too . . . and unstoppable!


Chevron is so full of life. His neural pathways light up when he explores and investigates. His passion can’t be bottled. Alan Thompson says, “It’s not possible to graph your child’s passion for counting absolutely everything including nutritional information on food packaging.” And Chevron is just like that!

Please check out Chevron’s Checkpoint Cards to help your child feel good when they pursue their curiosity.


Thompson, Alan. (2016). Introduction to his book, Bright: Seeing superstars, listening to their worlds, and moving out of the way.

van Donge, Gloria. (2017) Catch On. Book 4 in The Gifted Kid Book Series.

Answers to puzzle - Unjumble the Letters:

Lion, tiger, shapes, climbed, numbers.

Message: smile on the inside


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