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Odd Man Out

It’s a weird shape! Indents! Sections jutting out! What if I twist it around? This way! That way! Where does it belong? Pieces - like a rocky headland jutting out into the ocean or a peaceful bay on a tropical island - fit snugly when I find their place in the jigsaw puzzle.

Like Chevron, gifted children sometimes feel weird, defective, out-of-sync. They want to fit in. They search for a place to belong; but their very distinctiveness brings isolation. Because they are so clever, many adults expect that they can fend for themselves.

Chevron concentrates for long periods of time. He is stimulated by his environment. He pushes boundaries, looking for challenges. He has an aptitude for strategy, working with numbers, and understanding the natural world. He is quirky in his quest for making new discoveries. He is happy to sit still, reflecting. In his story, Catch On, he asks, “Why aren’t my friends interested?”

In their review of my books, Jack H. (aged 8 years) says he feels just like Chevron, the creative thinker. Both Jack and Cameron have wondered why other kids don’t like the same stuff as they do. The title of their whole review is “Characters Just Like Me!” They were so pleased to find someone like themselves, even if it’s a story book character.

As adults, whenever and wherever we find gifted children, let’s help them feel accepted. Like the odd shaped jigsaw piece, let’s help them find where they fit in society. Who Knows! It may be that ‘odd shape’ which brings them the most fulfilment in life.


See Cameron and Jack H.’s review of my books on our website, Also see Young Mensan Magazine, Sept 2018 issue, p22 and Cited 01/10/18.

Manaster, Guy J. and Philip M. Powell (1983). A Framework for Understanding Gifted Adolescents’ Psychological Maladjustment. Roeper Review, Nov 1983 pp70-73.

Answers to Blog 25 – I hope you enjoyed the story-telling challenge.


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