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Construct of a Series

Dear Parent,          


Is it weird or wonderful?

Is it frustrating or fulfilling?

Is it worth treasuring?                            

If only I had asked these questions when our daughter was small!


My series of 5 books is especially written to affirm gifted children.  It is multi-layered and designed to grow with the child. Each book tells the tale of a young cheetah cub who has been assigned one area of giftedness. The cubs explore their world by playing games. These are simple, clear stories; but the implications are considerably more complex. 


The second section, Children’s Choice, extends the ideas behind the storyline and develops activities to engage the children and stimulate their creativity.


The third section is written for adults. The Parents’ Pages explain the purpose of the story by drawing attention to some of the ways gifted children think. There are points to ponder under the headings, Think Time and Target Thoughts. Talk Together lists a number of questions designed to generate discussion that can go on and on and on. 


The final page, Family Tree, distinguishes each of the cheetah cubs by highlighting their area of giftedness and their trademark.


The cubs will not stay young for long. It is anticipated that a second series will capture a snapshot of their growth. How will they develop? What lessons will they learn? Where will their creativity take them next?


Happy reading, exploring and talking!


Gloria van Donge  B.A.   B.A.B.St.

Content for Professionals

These books have been written primarily for families of gifted children;  but they are also useful for educators and counsellors.  Each main character’s area of giftedness has been linked with some behaviours.

Book 1                      

Chelsea’s siblings affirm her innovative thinking skills, as they enjoy playing a game together. 



Book 2

Though young, Chadwick assesses that his special abilities are no match for his friend, Tiger; so he engages in camouflaging behaviours.  He doesn’t realise that in doing this, he is damaging his self worth. 



Book 3 

Perfectionism!  Healthy or unhealthy?  Helpful or unhelpful?  Christina’s creative expression is hampered by her frustration, until she discovers the value of making mistakes. 



Book 4

A sharp distinction between Chevron’s interests and those of his friends leaves him feeling out-of-sync with his peers.  His intensity baffles his friends, but his ingenuity saves the day. 


Book 5 

Charlotte’s sensitivity highlights her uniqueness.  Children who are gifted emotionally may need special care to handle their empathy with others.


It is my hope that young gifted children may identify with the cheetah cubs and discover that being gifted can be wonderful, fulfilling and worth treasuring.  It is also my hope that this series of books will be a useful tool for parents, educators and counsellors.


Gloria van Donge  B.A.   B.A.B.St.

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