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Sophia Elliott

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Stephanie Tolan is also well known as an advocate for extremely bright children. (For information about gifted and talented children visit  Hoagies' Gifted Education Page.) She co-authored the award-winning nonfiction book, Guiding the Gifted Child, and has written many articles about the challenges gifted "asynchronous" children and adults face as they find a way to fit into their world. She lectures throughout the country to audiences of parents, educators and counselors attempting to find ways to meet the children's needs. Her experiences with these "amazing, off-the-charts" young people inspired the themes of Welcome to the Ark, a powerful novel about four brilliant young misfits in a world teetering on destruction. The first volume of a projected trilogy, Ark is followed by Flight of the Raven, a 2001 story that takes place in a terrorist compound, where unusual mental capacities help the young hero, one of the Ark kids, to survive.


Ocean Reeve is committed to facilitating the creative process in all who are willing to express themselves through the written word. With the belief that we are all born with a desire to be creative, Ocean operates a defined, dedicated and determined process to bring a book to life and if desired, build a profitable future from this expression of creativity. Ocean was integral in the development and management of New Zealand's premier self-publishing house, PublishMe, and following a six month stint as a Radio Host, successfully graduating with a Diploma in Creative Writing, becoming a qualified Workflow Trainer and being nominated and winning two National Awards for Service to Authors, Ocean departed New Zealand to expand his creative reach into Australia and 6 years later he runs his own assisted publishing house.


Janet Farrall is an exceptional educator whose four decades of experience have  ranged from the classroom to leadership, project management and consultancy. She specialises in thinking and learning, dispositions for learning and differentiation for all learners, including the highly able.


With 49 years of teaching experience, Eric Frangenheim is still passionate about empowering vibrant thinkers and leaders whether it is in school, in business or in the home.  His resources are available at


Jodie Davey of Powerful Partnerships offers a range of training opportunities for teachers throughout Australia. Early Career Teacher Programs, Effective Pedagogy Workshops, Coaching & Mentoring training and Leadership Programs are just a few of the opportunities available for teachers and leaders. Contact Jodie for in school workshops for teachers, pupil free days, twilight staff meetings, school consulting and on site support.   Jodie commented that ‘The Gifted Kid Book Series’ contains “lots of teaching moments”.


Dr Kathy Murray is the passionate founder and CEO of Future Strong Education. Kathy has over 35 years’ experience working with people in the education and business worlds. She is a public speaker, motivator, coach, tertiary lecturer, teacher and advocate for wellness in the workplace and people working respectfully with each other. Kathy has presented a range of topics to varied audiences nationally and internationally.

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