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Rage to Master

Gifted kids are unstoppable! There is something inside that motivates exploration, investigation and learning.

Anwen is a child prodigy who featured on the ABC series, Making Child Prodigies. She is a classical pianist. Her fingers dance on the keys. She is passionate about playing the piano. Her mum does not have to coerce her. Her teacher at The Julliard School of Music in New York says, “It would be painful (to her) if it were taken away. She cannot live without music”. Her teacher also explained that “profound self-motivation, a rage to master, is the universal quality of a prodigy.”

This rage to master, this internal drive, is a good motivator. At 8 years old, Anwen says she can “feel what the composer felt”. Music takes her to a place where nothing can disturb her. She has inspiration in her head and now she is composing her own music. Arthur Koestler says, “The principal mark of genius is not perfection but originality, the opening of new frontiers.”

Gifted children often seek out tasks that are challenging; not just to improve their skills, but to make new discoveries, just like Chevron. Chevron has a passion for learning. He is totally absorbed in his world of shapes and numbers. He cannot understand why his friends don’t share his motivation for exploration and investigation. He is unstoppable! He does not give up until he has found a way to include his friends in his new discoveries.

Answers to Blog 24 – Why can’t I get it right?! - Christina’s Junior X-Word:

  1. Mould

  2. 2. Ideal – spelt backwards – laedi

  3. 3. Stain

  4. 4. Paint

  5. 5. Apron

  6. 6. Smock

  7. 7. Error

  8. 8. Boots

Eight-letter = mistakes



ABC Series, Making Child Prodigies aired in Australia over six weeks from 29th May, 2018. Koestler, Arthur.


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