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A Letter from Chelsea:

Dear Reader,

I love to think. Thinking is like breathing to me. I like to explore, taking detours down this path, then that one. I want to know things.

That’s how I found the anthill – big, lumpy, busy. It was a good hiding place, until I was bitten. Rolling in the grass was fun – over and over. I landed in the gully and that was a good place to hide, until the grass seeds tickled my nose and I sneezed. What would I do next time we played Hide and Seek?

That’s when my mind took a detour.

That’s when I asked, what if?

That’s when I came up with a different solution.

I can see it in my mind’s eye. I will need some black paint and paint brush. I’ll ask Tiger to help me. We’ll have such fun! I think my plan will work, but we’ll have to keep it a secret until we play Hide and Seek next time. I can’t wait to find Tiger. “Tiger, Tiger . . .”

I thought you may like to know what happened before my story began.

Be Creative, too!


Chelsea understood the aim of the game the cubs were playing. She tried the usual solutions; but encountered a problem or two, so she asked new questions until she came up with a new idea. She constructed a plan. She made a list of requirements, collaborated with Tiger, and worked out a time-table. And all this happened, before the ‘black paint sloshed from side to side as she crept across the plain.’

Please check out Chelsea’s Checkpoint Cards to help your child become excited by their good ideas.


Answers: Blog 4 - Missing Letters – Chelsea plans

Answers to Gabby’s Question:

At the end of her story, Chelsea evaluated her plan when she said, “Thinking differently really worked well for me this time!” Even though she thought it was successful, she may have wanted to tweak it in the following ways:

  1. She may decide to put a lid on her paint tin so it doesn’t slosh about and leave a trail.

  2. She may decide to be more careful and not walk in the wet paint and leave black paw prints behind her.

  3. She may decide to hide the evidence, so Chevron wouldn’t work out her plan so easily.

  4. She may decide that her plan didn’t meet safety precautions.

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