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An Ideal Playmate

An ideal playmate: an analysis of Chelsea – “Coming, Ready or Not!”

Chelsea is a confident, competent cheetah cub, an ideal playmate who is driven to add a new dimension to the game of Hide and Seek by fear of repetition. Thinking differently, Chelsea avoids the boredom blues for herself: but would the others be intrigued?

Tiger is curious. He is sufficiently impressed by her ideas to take a risk. Even though he points out that “no-one has played Hide and Seek like this before”, he goes along with her plan - meeting deadlines, eagerly peering through leaves and innocently protecting her in his shadow.

The complication created by Chelsea prompts Chadwick to action. He does the usual things to play the game as he’s “running around and around calling . . . Chelsea, Chelsea”; but when she is found, Chadwick recognises he’s been outsmarted. “No wonder we couldn’t find you.”

Charlotte’s empathy with Chelsea turns to concern for her safety, “We must keep looking.” Christina is aware of danger, too, as they near the scary forest. Despite their worry, they are both inspired by Chelsea’s clever initiative. “Wish I’d thought of that!” said Christina.

Chelsea’s ingenuity intrigues Chevron as he determines to solve the mystery she creates. “Here’s a clue . . . a paw print, a speckled leaf.” Chevron is very pleased with himself when his detective work pays off.

Chelsea became an ideal playmate. The cubs’ happy laughter shows their approval as they rumble her to the ground. She piques their curiosity and they respond with empathy. Friends for fun! Perhaps Aristotle knew a thing or two a long, long time ago.



Answers: Blog 11: Stalking, boxing, chasing, wrestling, pouncing, rolling over.

Answers re Aristotle: 1. Stagira in Macedonia, Greece in 384BC. 2. 322 BC 3. Before Christ 4. At 17 yrs, he enrolled in Plato’s Academy 5. Greek 6. Lessons were held using a debating format. 7. Alexander, the Great 8. Please make your own choice. Some subjects could be: Philosophy, politics, biology, ethics, astronomy, chemistry, biology. In the area of science, Aristotle learnt by making observations of the world, the forerunner of the scientific research of today. 9. Deductive reasoning 10. ‘the best purpose’



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