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An empathising friend

An analysis of Charlotte – “Can You Believe It?!”

Charlotte is a heartfelt, competent cheetah cub who is driven to help others by a deep sense of empathy and justice.

Her big, white heart is integral to who she is. When Chelsea cannot be found during the cubs’ game of Hide and Seek, it is Charlotte who is concerned for her safety. “She’s been gone a long time. We must keep looking,” she says. When Chelsea’s new game, Safari Clinic, is ruined, it is Charlotte who is upset.

It is Charlotte that Chelsea calls upon to help initiate her new game. They both think ahead, but it is Charlotte who organizes the medical kit and apparatus. She helps Chelsea hang up their bark sign and hands her the clipboard. Preparations run smoothly when Charlotte is the personal assistant.

When the new game is ‘not off to a good start’, Charlotte tries to correct the situation by volunteering to be the patient. She tries to reason with Chadwick when he drives recklessly: but she is absolutely flabbergasted by Lion’s selfish behaviour. Her sense of justice is dented as she calls everyone to attention to sort out the situation. “Stop squabbling,” she says.

Charlotte needs time out. She retreats to her favourite place and talks to her imaginary friend. Empathetic Charlotte is in need of empathy herself.

Charlotte fits admirably into the categories of friend for mutual benefit and a true friend: but when confronted by injustice, Charlotte needs a friend who can add some curiosity to her big white heart and be a friend for fun, too.

References: van Donge, Gloria (2017). Coming, Ready or Not! Book 1 in The Gifted Kid Book Series.

van Donge, Gloria (2017). Can You Believe It?! Book 5 in The Gifted Kid Book Series.


Answers: Blog 15: Mixing of Colours

Puzzle 1= c.

Puzzle 2a = a trunk

Puzzle 2b = speed

Puzzle 2c = binoculars and a hat

Puzzle 2d = tail/tale

Puzzle 3a = they connect things

Puzzle 3b = interest

Puzzle 3c = record



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