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A perfect foil

An analysis of Tiger

Tiger is a significant minor character who acts as a foil for four main characters in the series. He interacts with them to reveal their personalities and situations. He becomes a true friend.

In book 1, Tiger is fun-loving and adventurous, an ideal partner for Chelsea’s escapades. He can be counted upon to assist Chelsea to implement her innovative thinking and celebrate her success.

Though cautious in book 2, Tiger joins Chadwick in his athletic pursuits and works through situations with him as they arise. Tiger is less adventurous and less able to solve problems; but he does help Chadwick to assess the results of his reasoning skills.

In book 3, Tiger is happy plastering his page with yellow paint. The mess he creates is in direct contrast to Christina’s neatness and her wish to do everything perfectly in art class; but he stands by Christina as she discovers it’s OK to make a mistake.

In book 4, Tiger is friendly and co-operative, but fails to understand Chevron’s desire to investigate. He interrupts him continuously and becomes somewhat impatient. He fails to understand Chevron’s thinking skills, saying it is “all too hard” for him to follow: but he happily joins in the fun of the game Chevron creates.

To all four main characters, Tiger acts as a true friend, showing curiosity and empathy. To Chelsea and Chadwick, Tiger is a lighter version of their strengths and makes their personalities shine. For Christina and Chevron, he puts the spotlight on them by providing a contrast. Either way, he is like the black potch behind the opal, enhancing its colours.

References: van Donge, Gloria(2017). The Gifted Kid Book Series.


Answers: Blog 17:

Puzzle 1 - on/off left/right plus/minus happy/sad above/below fast/slow rough/smooth straight/crooked

Puzzle2 - shy/confident problem/solution luxury/necessity vertical/horizontal always/never accidental/deliberate connect/separate listen/ignore

The obvious link between all these pairs is that they are opposites. They are antonyms.



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