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A mesmerised mathematician

An analysis of Chevron – “Catch On”

Chevron is a curious cheetah cub, mesmerised by shapes and numbers. Though totally absorbed by the world around him, he is driven by a generous spirit as he agonises over how to relate to his friends.

Chevron weaves through the tall grass, looking and learning and examining. He studies nature intensely, drawing shapes and numbers in his notebook. He makes comparisons between a slender blade of grass and Mt Kilimanjaro. His binoculars are like a friend, helping him to explore. He wants to share his discoveries with Lion, Tiger and Leopard and he invites them to “come and see”.

Initially he is disappointed by his friends’ departure and asks, “Why aren’t my friends interested?” His curiosity is ignited again with the start of a new day; but when his friends disappear again, he finds it hard to understand how they are not impressed with his exciting, new discoveries. When Lion, Tiger and Leopard do not share his passion, his agony explodes when he asks himself, “Why don’t they like the things I like?”

Chevron’s curiosity about the reaction of his friends elicits his empathy as he looks for a solution. His problem-solving skills, coupled with his generous spirit, allows him to understand his friends’ desire to “run and jump and play”; and when he combines his interests with theirs, he finds a way for all of them to enjoy being friends for fun.

References: van Donge, Gloria (2017). Catch On Book 4 in The Gifted Kid Book Series.


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A) orange

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