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A flawed character

An analysis of Lion

In this series, Lion plays a minor role, contrasting with three main characters. Initially, she seems to be a friend for fun, but she is a flawed character driven by selfish motives.

Lion is curious about Christina’s approach to paw painting and reminds her strongly that it is meant to be fun. She inadvertently adds to Christina’s distress when she states that the threesome have already finished their paintings. When Tiger’s paw looks like ice-cream, she is the first to want some. When Christina’s white boots are splattered, she seems heartless. Even though it was an accident, she fails to help or offer an apology.

Lion dismisses Chevron’s enthusiasm for making new discoveries as she only wants “to run and jump and play”. She disappears over the horizon when he tries to get her attention.

Finally, her true colours are exposed in Charlotte’s story. Although she sits patiently in the group as Chelsea explains her new game, she wants to be the boss. She snatches the scope and snaps it around her neck, without any thought of sharing.

Lion is in serious need of some empathy for her friends. Although she is co-operative at the end of two stories, by book 5, she finds it hard even being friends for fun. Clara Yuen says, “Empathy draws people closer together and lays a good foundation for relationship”. I wonder if Lion is listening.


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