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A Changed Perspective

“Change how you see, see how you change” is a quote that Rick Guidotti records as he tells about the new direction his career in photography took about twenty years ago. Rather than capturing supermodels and fashion with his camera, he turned his attention to promoting the work of NOAH in a positive way.

In his new approach, Christine was his first model. Though beautiful, she had “zero self-esteem” as a result of bullying. Her shoulders were hunched. There was zero eye-contact. Rick says, “It broke my heart and I thought, ‘How am I going to photograph her?’ I literally held up a mirror to her face and said, ‘Look at yourself, you’re magnificent.’ She saw what I saw and then she put her hands on her hips and blew up in a smile that lit up New York City. She coined the phrase: ‘change how you see, see how you change.’”

This could be Christina’s motto, too. In her story, Colour My World, she discovers that the way she looks at a situation can change her thinking from disastrous to triumphant. Her day spirals downwards as disaster escalates; but finally she sees things differently and her whole demeanour changes, just like the model, Christine, who Rick Guidotti photographed. This change is contagious as her friends, Lion, Tiger and Leopard, join in the fun and laughter that follows. When Christina takes the time to look closely, she changes how she sees the day’s events and that changes her.

References: My Weekly Preview June 15, 2018. Redefining Beauty, Capturing Hearts by Leigh Robshaw when she interviewed Rick Guidotti. Rick launched his exhibition Redefining Beauty at Sunshine Plaza on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland on June 6. It was curated by Megan Williams, University of the Sunshine Coast art gallery manager. NOAH is National Organisation for Albinism and Hyperpigmentation.


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